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Frequently Asked Questions


Q 1

What is the Golf Group doing to get rid of counterfeiting in golf?

It comes down to two things: education and enforcement.

Since forming the anti-counterfeiting group, we’ve worked with law enforcement officials around the world to conduct raids and shut this problem down at the source.

Education is as important to our efforts, because as long as people are willing to buy these fakes, counterfeiters will continue to make them. We are committed to educating golfers on the risks and pitfalls associated with these clubs. This website is just one part of our education efforts.


Q 2

How are your efforts going?

We have seized millions of fake golf products over the years and continue to make progress in keeping counterfeit products out of the marketplace through our education and enforcement efforts. With the proliferation of peer-to-peer and other e-commerce websites, we are also dedicating more resources to internet investigations and have shut down thousands of websites trying to dupe consumers.


Q 3

How can I be sure that I purchase authentic products?

The only way to be sure is to always buy your golf equipment from an authorized dealer.


Q 4

I think I purchased fake clubs. What can I do?

First and foremost, contact the manufacturer. Going to the manufacturer opens a line of communication that can lead to a more comprehensive investigation. On each manufacturer’s website, there is a place to report suspected counterfeits:

If you purchased the products from a peer-to-peer e-commerce site, like eBay, file a dispute with the seller immediately. It’s also important to remember that counterfeiters are criminals. If you bought a fake product, these criminals have your credit card information. Be sure to diligently check your statement for fraudulent charges and report them if appropriate.


Q 5

What should I do if I think a website might be selling fake clubs?

Let us know! Email the website’s URL to the group at so we can investigate.


Q 6

Why shouldn’t I buy a fake?

Fake clubs are made without the technical specifications and quality standards of professionally manufactured clubs. Counterfeit clubs are not only inauthentic, they’re inferior. The issues with counterfeit clubs can range anywhere from a loss of distance and accuracy to a safety issue — with shafts that shatter and heads that fly off mid-swing.


Q 7

Where are fake clubs made?

About 90 percent of counterfeit clubs are made in China, but they can be made anywhere. Since the group’s inception, it has also investigated and raided counterfeit manufacturers in Thailand and Vietnam.