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Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group Announces Seizure of 2 Millionth Counterfeit Product


The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group (The Golf Group) today announced that it has reached a historic milestone in its ongoing battle against fakes — the seizure of the 2 millionth counterfeit product since the group was formed more than a decade ago. The landmark seizure was achieved during two successful raids conducted in collaboration with local law enforcement authorities in Dongguan, a major industrial center in Guangdong province, China. The milestone reinforces the group’s commitment to fighting illegal counterfeiting while protecting consumers, the brands and the game of golf.

“The seizure of the 2 millionth piece of counterfeit golf equipment is a validation of our efforts as a group and an inspiration for us to keep fighting to protect the consumers, the brands and the game that is so important to all of us,” said Stephen Gingrich, Vice President of Human Resources, Global Legal Enforcement, at Cleveland Golf Company.

“We are proud of what we’ve accomplished but we know there’s still work to do. This is a message to counterfeiters everywhere that we are more committed than ever to putting an end to the production and sale of these fake products. And we are more committed than even to keep golf real.”

The raids were carried out by local government law enforcement authorities in Dongguan and took place in April and May. In total, authorities seized more than 36,000 counterfeit golf products, including grips, club heads and shafts. The raid is the latest successful shutdown of efforts to produce, distribute and sell counterfeit golf products worldwide.

The raids that took place this spring included the seizure of 350 club heads, 300 golf shafts, and more than 35,000 golf grips, which were counterfeits of a variety of brands. Since 2004, The Golf Group’s collaboration with worldwide government enforcement authorities has led to the seizure of more than two million pieces of counterfeited gear, including clubs, club heads, shafts, grips, balls, bags, gloves, and apparel imitating some of the game’s most trusted brands. Additionally, the group has been vigilant in pursuing legal action to shut down more than 1,500 websites selling counterfeit products and accessories.

“The group has been together for more than a decade and we have made a lot of great progress,” said Kristin Strojan, Legal Counsel Trademark and Brand Protection at TaylorMade Golf Company. “We’re working more closely with authorities every day, finding new ways to identify and shut down counterfeit operations. We know there are still counterfeiters out there but we also know we’re making it a lot harder for them to stay in business. Combine that with our education efforts for consumers and we think we’ve got a winning formula in the battle against fakes.”

About the Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group

The Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group consists of six of the most well-known golf companies in the world—Acushnet Company, whose brands are Titleist, FootJoy and Scotty Cameron; Callaway-Odyssey; Srixon, Cleveland Golf and XXIO; PING; PXG, TayorMade. Formed in 2004, the Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group has supported the efforts of international law enforcement and government agencies to conduct raids and investigations of counterfeit operations, as well as raise public awareness of the issue. Since its inception, the Golf Group’s legal efforts led to the shutdown of more than 1,500 websites and authorities have seized more than two million counterfeit golf products.

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