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Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group Launches Facebook Page as New Resource for Consumers to Report Websites Selling Counterfeit Equipment


The U.S. Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group (the Golf Group) today announced that it has launched a Facebook page, creating a new resource for consumers to report suspected counterfeit golf equipment sellers and stay up to date on the latest news, tips and insights from The Golf Group.

In addition to contacting with any concerns over websites selling potentially counterfeit golf equipment, consumers may now contact the group directly through its Facebook page by sending a message using Facebook’s web or mobile versions. For any concerns about specific equipment purchases, consumers are encouraged to contact the equipment manufacturer directly through their website.

“The Group’s goal is to educate the public and make it as easy as possible for consumers to understand the dangers of purchasing counterfeit clubs, how to avoid them, and how to report any suspicious activity they come across. This new Facebook page is already helping us do that,” said Jud Hawken, Associate General Counsel for PING.

In addition to reporting suspicious websites, consumers can also follow the Golf Group’s page for news and information about the group’s activities, tips on how to avoid purchasing counterfeit equipment, and how to spot a fake club. Over the years, the Golf Group has seized millions of counterfeit golf products, including its 2 millionth piece of equipment seized earlier in 2018, and continues to make progress in keeping counterfeit products out of the marketplace through education and enforcement efforts.

“We’ve made significant progress since the Golf Group’s inception, but our work isn’t done,” said Lisa Rogan, Director of Trademarks and Brand Protection for Acushnet. “We promise to continue to devote as many resources as possible to educating consumers, including this new social media channel, and working with authorities to stop the manufacturing of fake golf products and to bring those who produce them to justice.”

About the Golf Manufacturers Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group

The Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group consists of six of the most well-known golf companies in the world—Acushnet Company, whose brands are Titleist, FootJoy and Scotty Cameron; Callaway-Odyssey; Srixon, Cleveland Golf and XXIO; PING; PXG; and TayorMade. Formed in 2004, the Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group has supported the efforts of international law enforcement and government agencies to conduct raids and investigations of counterfeit operations, as well as raise public awareness of the issue. Since its inception, the Golf Group’s legal efforts led to the shutdown of more than 1,500 websites and authorities have seized more than two million counterfeit golf products.

Joe McIntyre